redheadedrebel (redheadedrebel) wrote in datinandrelatin,

So I was basically set up by my mother with her neighbor's son who lives across the country.
I wasn't asked if I was interested or anything... I'm perfectly content being single, but I guess being single and 30 means I'm desperate or need assistance.
We literally have nothing in common except both being single. Oh and I'm not attracted to him in any way... I was put on the spot when he sent me a picture when he called me, which was very uncomfortable!

Now I'm not exactly sure what he was told by the mothers, but he did see my pictures before hand. He's very much interested and I'm very much not interested in anything more than friends. He's pretty forward and definitely not shy...

My mind is very much made up, but I've honestly never had to do this before and I know I need to do it sooner rather than later. So I could use tips...
I tend to freeze up on the phone and not say what I need to get out. I know phone is better, but would a text be horrible?

I'm trying so hard not to lead him on in any way, so 8 know I need to resolve this asap!


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