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You have datin' and relatin' questions?

We've got answers!!

Dating and Relating Advice
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All Members , Moderated
Relationship and friendship advice.

You must be at least 16 years old to join this community. If we discover you were lying about your age, your membership will be revoked.

welcome to datin' and relatin'
you've got datin' and relatin' questions?
we've got answers!
If you have questions about dating, relationships, breaking up, friendships, exes, marriage, coworkers, in-laws, sex, the single life, or anything that involves datin' and relatin', you've come to the right place. Whether you're single, dating around, monogamous, polyamorous, married, queer, straight, transgender, a swinger, or anything we're here to help in your time of need.

Of course, there are a few rules...
the do's Please...

Use a LJ-cut for any entry longer than a few sentences. See this LJ FAQ for instructions on how to do so.

• Stay on topic. This is an advice community. That means you need to ask a question. It's difficult for us to help you if you just post a long story, or a long story followed by 'Help!' or 'So, any advice?'. Please tell us what it is you need advice about. If you don't have a question and just want to rant or whinge or vent, then take it to your personal journal.

• Press the enter key; walls of text are hard to read.

• Take the time to check over your grammar/spelling. No one wants to read a bunch of "and then i didnt no what 2 say lol". If you haven't bothered to make your post readable you'll find people assume you are immature and inconsiderate.

• We usually get to queued posts within a day or two, but it is unavoidable that sometimes it will take longer. This is not a community for emergencies.
the don't's Do not...

• Post questions asking us to guess how someone feels about you, why they might be acting a certain way, etc (e.g. "Does s/he like me?", "What's going on with him?"). We do not know what the person is thinking; we're not psychics!

• Expect everyone to agree with you. You made a post here and people will share their opinions, whether or not it's what you want or expect to hear. Likewise, do not get pissy if someone disagrees with you (or if you disagree with them). Keep the discussion courteous, and contact the mods if you think someone is out of line.

• Post every single unnecessary detail. Keep it to the relevant stuff, remembering that we want to read your post to offer advice, not just for you to get stuff off your chest.

• Copy and paste entire chat conversations or emails. Make a brief summary instead.

• Use anything other than the standard font/color/size/etc. Reading things like this is neither easy nor enjoyable, and even small changes can make things much more difficult for people with visual disabilities.

• Use abusive or violent language, even if not directed specifically at another member.

• Contact the mods personally in any way other than the Contacting The Mods thread. This includes commenting in the mods' personal journals, private messaging the mods, etc. You will be banned if you do.

• Delete posts or comments. Part of the usefulness and fun of this community is the archives - deleting your post after you've got the help you need is disrespectful to the people who took the time to write responses. If you have concerns about privacy then let the mods know and we can give you the okay.
the mods Main mod:


Got a problem with another member? A question for the mods? Comment here to communicate with the mods, all comments are screened: talk to the mods.
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